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Pseudo Collagen 10x4ml


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Skin Type: Prematurely aged skins and skins that have lost their structure and elasticity – should be used under your recommended Arbré moisturiser

This technologically advanced product is extracted from plants using a specially controlled process. It is ideal for pre-maturely aged skins and skins that have lost their structure and elasticity by assisting in reducing the appearance of lines hydrating, firming and smooth the skin.

  • hydrates
  • firms
  • smoothes out the appearance of fine lines
  • softens the skin

Pack of 10 x 4ml intense phials

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PLANT SUGARS AND PROTEIN – PLANT PSEUDO COLLAGEN – Pseudo Collagen is a name given to the cellular extract of a moisturising complex of sugars and proteins. The appearance of the skin is directly proportional to its ability to bind water. Pseudo Collagen is a true moisturising glycoprotein extracted from plants. Arbré have developed the best of the dermal protein and sugar worlds, in a soluble easily applied product.

Cosmetic Application
The equilibrium isotherms (formula for changes in physical system at a constant temperature) have been determined for Pseudo Collagen and demonstrate it has a better ability to bind water than human callus.
Pseudo Collagen out performed animal collagen in tests (native collagen was run as a control), presumably due to the presence of complex moisturising sugars. These sugar-protein links are missing from all refined animal derived collagens making Pseudo Collagen a very real and more effective alternative.

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